About company

For more than 14 years of entrepreneur Sokolenko S.V. provides its customers with high quality lumber. We use the well-deserved trust and respect of our customers.
We produce a limited range of products, but in accordance with the high demands of our customers and current standards.
We will help you to understand all the subtleties and nuances that occur in the selection and purchase of dry carpentry board, arrange delivery to your location.
Entrepreneur Sokolenko S.V. provides the best value and quality products. The presence of the sawmill and the drying chamber of the European standards enables us to meet the demands of any customer.


Our company is one of the largest manufacturers of Dnepropetrovsk dry edging joinery boards in Dnepropetrovsk. PE is a party to a timber yard. We are manufacturers, and sell sawn timber at competitive prices. With us you can always buy a plank of pine, alder, linden, ash, maple and oak for cash and cashless payments. We offer additional discounts for regular and wholesale customers.
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